In the past decade, the city of Kalamazoo has seen a surge in popularity. The city’s reputation as a hub for arts and culture, technology, and nightlife has only helped elevate its status as one of the Great Lakes State’s best destinations.
Along with its thriving small businesses and thriving arts community, residents of the city have taken on the challenge of making the city more than the “Big Rapids Loop.” Here are seven reasons why Kalamazoo is one of Michigan’s best destinations.

1) Kalamazoo is a hotspot for arts and culture

Kalamazoo is a hub for culture, thanks to its large population of artists and cultural organizations. Just look at the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra’s history. In 1891, the KSO was founded as a four-piece ensemble. Today, the orchestra is one of the top 10 orchestras in America, with a 160-member orchestra that has performed all over the world.
The Kalamazoo Ballet Theatre has been around since 1952 and has been responsible for some of ballet’s most prestigious productions. And if you’re looking for a more modern art experience, there are plenty of galleries to check out around downtown Kalamazoo.

2) It’s a technology hotspot

If you’re looking for a hub to establish your career in the tech industry, Kalamazoo is the perfect place. The city hosts chapters of national technology companies like Microsoft, Peregrine Systems, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.
Not only do these organizations provide jobs to hundreds of local residents, but they also provide internships for students. With companies like these in Kalamazoo, there are always opportunities for fresh minds interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

3) It’s a beer lover’s paradise

First and foremost, Kalamazoo is a beer lover’s paradise. The city has more than 60 breweries within its borders and more than 100 brewpubs, including the world-renowned Bell’s Brewery. Breweries like Bell’s have helped to make Kalamazoo a destination for beer lovers everywhere. With these two things in mind, it would be safe to say that Kalamazoo is one of the most popular destinations in Michigan.

4) The nightlife is fierce

For those who want to party the night away, Kalamazoo is a city that can keep up with any party. Whether it’s the clubs on West Michigan Avenue or the pubs downtown, there is always something happening in this city. With a plethora of events every month, there are plenty of opportunities to get your drink on and dance the night away.

5) The food scene is booming

The food scene in Kalamazoo is booming. The city offers a wide variety of restaurants and eateries, from gastropubs and bistros to diners and delis. In 2016, the Huffington Post ranked Kalamazoo as the third-best “foodie city” in America. The food scene offers flavors from all over the world, and it’s also home to a number of culinary festivals throughout the year.

6) There are endless recreational activities to choose from

If you’re looking for a place to have fun in Michigan, Kalamazoo is one of the best destinations. The city boasts a world-class art museum, an internationally recognized theater company, and over 300 events each year that will please any audience. Whatever your interests may be, there’s always something fun happening in Kalamazoo.

7) Final Thoughts

Throughout the years, Kalamazoo has earned a reputation as a summer destination. But, the city is also home to people who love to get outdoors and explore the beautiful natural landscapes. Whether it’s rafting down the Kalamazoo River or taking in a baseball game at Cooley Law School Stadium, there’s always something fun happening around town.
Another thing that sets Kalamazoo apart from other Great Lakes State destinations is its location. The city sits on I-94 with access to Michigan’s major cities and metropolitan areas, making it an easy leap away from Detroit or Grand Rapids for a weekend getaway.
It’s no surprise that many artists choose Kalamazoo as the location for their studios because of this strong arts community. This makes it easy to find work as an artist while living in one of Michigan’s best cities