The Brewmaster’s Castle, also known as the Christian Heurich House, is a historic landmark located in Washington D.C. The castle was built in 1892-1894 by German immigrant and Washington D.C. brewer, Christian Heurich. It was nicknamed the Brewmaster’s Castle because at the time Heurich was one of the city’s most successful brewers [8].

Brewmaster's Castle

The castle is a notable example of late-Victorian architecture and is considered one of the most unblemished houses of its kind in America [7]. It is now a museum dedicated to Heurich’s life and work, and regularly hosts events that feature the work of local artisans and musicians [4].

Visitors to the Brewmaster’s Castle can take a tour of the museum and get a glimpse into turn-of-the-century life in Washington D.C.

The tours offer a chance to see the impressive architecture of the castle as well as learn about the life and work of Christian Heurich [2]. The castle is also included in the “Millionaires, Mansions, and Moonshine” tour, where visitors can learn about the dynamic immigrant turned business tycoon, Christian Heurich [3].


It is worth mentioning that the Brewmaster’s Castle was once in danger of being sold, but it was saved and re-opened as a public museum in 2006 [6].