What is the Arizona Science Center and What Can You Expect?

Arizona Science Center is a nonprofit organization which is committed to inspiring and educating people of all ages through interactive science exhibits, events and programs.

The Arizona Science Center was founded on May 18, 1982 by Dr. Sam Nichols and his wife, Jeanette Nichols. The first exhibit that opened at the center was “Bodies: The Exhibition” which is now closed but still remains as one of the most popular exhibits to date.

They also have an exhibit called “Stories in Stone: The Geology of Arizona” which displays different types of rocks from around the state. This exhibit gives visitors a chance to learn about Arizona’s geologic history as well as how it relates to modern day life in our state.

The Arizona Science Center has many interactive exhibits and programs that will keep the whole family entertained. They have a variety of kid-friendly exhibits, including the Animal Connections exhibit where kids can explore the world of animals through touchable models, videos, games and puzzles.

Planning your Visit to the Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center is a science museum located in Phoenix, AZ. It is focused on hands-on exhibits and programs that encourage people to explore their world through scientific discovery.

The Arizona Science Center has many different exhibits that are great for all ages. Some of the most popular ones are:

– The Challenger Learning Center, which provides an introduction to science and technology

– The Omni Theater, which has 3D films and planetarium shows

– The Space Lab, which features a space mission simulation station

– The Pueblo Grande Museum Village, which is a collection of historic buildings that were relocated from various sites in the Phoenix area.

What are the Best Exhibits at Arizona Science Center?

The Arizona Science Center is a place where kids can learn about the world and their place in it. It’s a place where adults can learn about the world and their place in it, too. The exhibits at the Science Center are interactive, hands-on and full of wonder.

Some of the best exhibits at Arizona Science Center are:

Explore Your World: This is an exhibit that explores how we interact with our surroundings and how we can use our environment to make things better for ourselves.

There are three different stations in this exhibit: one that teaches you about water pollution, another that teaches you about food waste, and another that teaches you how to conserve energy by using renewable resources like solar power and wind power.

– IMAX theater: This is a theater with an enormous

How to Explore the Rest of the Time at AZ Science Center for Free?

The Arizona Science Center offers free admission every day, but there are also plenty of ways to explore the rest of the time for free.

There are many free things to do in Phoenix, such as taking a walk around your neighborhood or getting a drink at one of the many breweries in town.


What is the admission fee for the Arizona Science Center?

Member Admission

Adult: FREE
Child (3-17): FREE

General Admission

Adult: $19.95
Child (3-17): $14.95

What are the hours of operation?

The hours of operation are 9:00am-6:00pm EST.

What is the address of arizona science center?

The Arizona Science Center is located at 600 E. Washington Street in Phoenix, AZ. It has a lot of interactive exhibits and educational programs for people of all ages.

Is there a parking lot or garage?

There is a parking lot for the public. There are also two parking garages for the public.