History of Saint Mary of the Seven Sorrows Church

Saint Mary of the Seven Sorrows Church is a Roman Catholic church in Nashville, Tennessee. It is an important landmark because it is one of the few remaining historical buildings in the downtown area.

Saint Mary of the Seven Sorrows Church was founded in 1845 by Bishop Richard Pius Miles, who was also its first pastor. The church served as a hospital during the Civil War and as a refuge for people fleeing from Memphis during the yellow fever epidemic of 1878.

It has been listed on National Register of Historic Places since 1975 and designated as a local landmark by Metro Nashville in 1976. The church has five stained-glass windows that were imported from Munich, Germany and are considered to be among some of finest examples of stained glass in Tennessee.

Who is Saint Mary of the Seven Sorrows?

Saint Mary of the Seven Sorrows is a Roman Catholic title given to the Virgin Mary. It is also known as Our Lady of Sorrows and was given this title because she was said to have seven sorrows.

Saint Mary is said to have seven sorrows, these are: the death of her Son Jesus, the lack of respect for his body after his death, witnessing his crucifixion, hearing him cry from the cross “My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?” when he died on the cross for our sins, seeing him taken down from the cross and put in a tomb, seeing Jesus’ body being carried into Jerusalem by his disciples and being pierced with a spear.

St. Mary’s Building & Design Concepts – What Makes it Special?

The St. Mary’s Church is a Catholic church that has all the essential designs. The church has a traditional design and is surrounded by gardens making it one of the most beautiful churches in the world.

The St. Mary’s Church was designed by some of the most renowned architects in Ireland, including Thomas Newenham Deane and John Behan. The design was inspired by the Gothic architecture which was popular during that time period.

This article will talk about what makes this building special and why people should visit it if they’re looking for a catholic church with traditional architecture design concepts.

7 Reasons Why you should go to Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Nashville TN!

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church is a beautiful place to go for religious services and to learn about the Catholic faith.

1) Wonderful architecture and stained glass windows

2) Beautiful, peaceful grounds that are perfect for walking or running

3) A welcoming congregation that is always looking forward to seeing you

4) A friendly staff who are always happy to help you

5) An excellent music ministry that sings praises on Sunday mornings

6) The best desserts in town!

7) The world-class, inspirational preaching of our Pastor Father John

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows Church in Nashville TN

St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows Church in Nashville TN is a Roman Catholic parish that was established in 1881 by Father James Quill. The church is a beautiful example of Gothic Revival architecture and it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1974.

The church is known for its stained glass windows, which are one of the most notable features inside the church. The windows were designed by Louis J. Millet who was commissioned to create them for this church by Father Quill in 1883.

The Stained Glass Windows are not only beautiful but also very symbolic, they depict different themes and stories from the Bible like how Jesus Christ was born to Mary, how he died on the cross and his resurrection, or how he ascended into heaven with his mother Mary and other saints.The architecture of the church is also very interesting due to its many different periods.