If you’re a fan of horror movies or just enjoy exploring unique destinations, then you might want to add The Exorcist Steps in Washington, D.C. to your travel itinerary.

The Exorcist Stairs

Located in the Georgetown neighborhood of the city, these stairs gained fame after being featured in the 1973 horror classic, The Exorcist.

The Exorcist Stairs are a steep set of 75 stone steps that connect M Street NW to Prospect Street NW.

They were constructed in the early 1900s and have since become a popular tourist attraction due to their association with the movie. In fact, the stairs have been officially named the “Exorcist Steps” and are marked with a plaque that commemorates their role in the film.

The Exorcist Stairs

If you’ve seen The Exorcist, then you’ll know that the stairs play a pivotal role in the movie’s climactic scene. Without giving away any spoilers, let’s just say that the stairs are the site of a particularly memorable moment involving a possessed young girl and a priest.

Visiting the Exorcist Stairs is a unique experience, and many visitors enjoy recreating the famous scene from the movie by running up the steps just like the characters did. However, it’s worth noting that the stairs are steep and can be challenging to climb, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and take your time.

The Exorcist Stairs - Georgetown - Washington D.C.

Beyond their association with The Exorcist, the stairs also offer great views of the surrounding neighborhood. Georgetown is known for its historic architecture, and there are plenty of charming shops and restaurants in the area to explore. The Exorcist Stairs are located near several other notable landmarks, including the Georgetown University campus and the C&O Canal.

Stairs from "The Exorcist"

Today, many fans of The Exorcist visit the stairs to pay tribute to their favorite movie or to challenge themselves with a grueling workout. Some even dress up as characters from the movie or reenact scenes from it. Others simply enjoy taking photos or admiring the view from above or below.

The Exorcist Stairs

The Exorcist stairs are not for everyone though. Some people find them too scary or too dangerous to climb or descend. Some locals complain about noise or littering caused by visitors. And some critics argue that they glorify violence or disrespect religion.

Overall, if you’re a horror movie buff or just looking for a unique sightseeing experience in Washington, D.C., then the Exorcist Stairs are definitely worth a visit.

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Where are The Exorcist Stairs located?

The Exorcist Stairs are located at the corner of Prospect Street NW and 36th Street NW in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. They provide a shortcut between Prospect Street NW above and Canal Road NW below . You can park your car at a small lot near the bottom of the stairs or take public transportation to M Street NW or Wisconsin Avenue NW.

How many steps are there on The Exorcist Stairs?

The Exorcist Stairs have 75 steps divided into three sections by two landings. They are made of concrete and have narrow dimensions and ivy-covered walls. They were originally built in 1895 on the side of a car barn building that once housed trolley cars.

What scene from The Exorcist was filmed on The Exorcist Stairs?

The scene that was filmed on The Exorcist Stairs is the climax of the movie, where Father Karras (played by Jason Miller) sacrifices himself to save Regan (played by Linda Blair), the possessed girl. He throws himself out of her bedroom window onto the stairs below, where he dies after tumbling down head first . The stuntman who did this scene reportedly fell down twice.

What house is next to The Exorcist Stairs?

The house that is next to The Exorcist Stairs is known as the MacNeil’s house, where Regan lived with her mother Chris (played by Ellen Burstyn). It is located at 3600 Prospect Street NW and it looks almost exactly as it did in the movie. However, the exterior window that was used for filming was built for the movie and does not exist in reality. The house is a private residence but visitors can take photos next to its gate.

When did The Exorcist Stairs become an official tourist attraction?

The Exorcist Stairs became an official tourist attraction on October 30th, 2015 during Halloween season. A ceremony was held at the site with William Friedkin (the director) and William Peter Blatty (the screenwriter) as guests of honor. A plaque was unveiled at the base of the stairs acknowledging its significance in film history and its popularity among visitors .

What else can you do near The Exorcist Stairs?

There are many things to do near The Exorcist Stairs if you want to explore Georgetown or Washington D.C.. You can visit other historic landmarks such as Georgetown University, Old Stone House or Dumbarton Oaks Museum; enjoy shopping or dining along M Street NW or Wisconsin Avenue NW; take a walk along C&O Canal Towpath or Potomac River Waterfront Park; or join one of the many tours or events that happen in this area throughout the year.

Are The Exorcist Stairs haunted?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people may have different experiences or beliefs about paranormal phenomena.
Some people may feel a cold wind or hear strange noises when walking up or down
the stairs; others may claim to see apparitions or feel presences; while others may not notice anything unusual at all .

According to local folklore, every time someone tries to count the number of steps they will get a different answer. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, The Exorcist Stairs are certainly an eerie place that will give you chills.