The Explorers Club, a renowned international, multidisciplinary, professional organization founded in 1904, is located on East 70th Street in Manhattan near Central Park [5].

It is the hub for the world’s foremost explorers, where they come together to socialize and network with each other [8]. The club has a membership base of 3,500 members spread across 32 global chapters, including the New York headquarters [7].

The Explorers Club headquarters, which is housed in a landmark building, has a Jacobean facade that makes it instantly recognizable [6, 9].

Behind its impressive heavy doors and ornate turn-of-the-century stained glass windows lies the club’s headquarters, which serves as a venue for socializing and networking among members [2].

The Explorers Club holds its annual event, ECAD, which provides an opportunity for members and guests to reunite and network.

The ECAD 2023 event will be held on April 22, 2023, at The Glasshouse with the theme of “CONSERVATION” [1]. At this event, members can order a Mosquito Mojito, tour the legendary headquarters, or plan their next expedition all in one night [10].

The Explorers Club also has its own publication, THE EXPLORERS JOURNAL, which offers first-hand reporting from members pushing the limits of knowledge and human endurance in various fields of exploration, from vast ocean depths to the frontiers of outer space [1].

The Explorers Club held its first regular meeting at its original headquarters in the Studio Building at 23 West 67th Street in New York City. The club finished construction on its next headquarters at 544 Cathedral Parkway in 1928 and continued to expand its extensive collection of artifacts, trophies, and books on exploration [3].

With its rich history and extensive collection of artifacts, trophies, and books, the headquarters is a must-visit for those interested in exploration and its advancements.