Thor’s Well is a popular natural attraction located near Yachats, Oregon, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. [1]. It is situated near Cape Perpetua and is known for its unique geological formation that appears as a bottomless sinkhole, swallowing the continuous stream of seawater. [2, 3].

Thor's Well

The formation of Thor’s Well is believed to have originated from an old sea cave that over time was eroded by the power of the ocean, creating a sinkhole at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. [7]. The sinkhole appears to drain the ocean water, only to violently spit it back up into the air, making for a spectacular sight when waves hit it. [5].

Thor's Well

Visitors to Thor’s Well can park in the nearby area off Route 101, which is also the same parking area for Cooks Chasm and Spouting Horn. [4]. A 0.6-mile loop trail, called the Captain Cook Trail, is also available for exploring the area and provides access to Thor’s Well. The trail is a popular spot for birding, running, and walking and takes an average of 17 minutes to complete. [10].

Thor's Well

Cape Perpetua, located about 2 miles south of Yachats, is a high and steep Pacific Northwest headland that rises over 800 feet above sea level. From its crest, visitors can see 70 miles of the Oregon coastline. [8].

Thor's Well - Oregon

Thor’s Well is considered a must-visit destination along the Oregon coast and attracts many visitors who come to witness its natural wonders and the power of the ocean. [9]. With its stunning views, easy accessibility, and year-round availability, Thor’s Well is an excellent place to visit for those looking to experience the beauty of the Oregon coast.


How do I get to Thor's Well?

The easiest way to get to Thor's Well is by car. It is located within the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area near Yachats, Oregon.

What is the best time to visit Thor's Well?

The best time to visit Thor's Well is during high tide, when the water is more active.

Is Thor's Well accessible by foot or do I need a vehicle?

Thor's Well is accessible by foot, as it is located within a scenic area with hiking trails.

What should I know before visiting Thor's Well?

Visitors should be aware that Thor's Well can be dangerous, especially during high tides or storms, and should exercise caution when visiting.

Are there any nearby attractions to visit after Thor's Well?

Yes, the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area offers several nearby attractions, including the Oregon Coast Trail, several hiking trails, and a visitors center.

Are there any safety concerns when visiting Thor's Well?

Yes, visitors should exercise caution when visiting Thor's Well, as the surrounding cliffs can be slippery and unstable, especially during high tides or storms.

What is the best way to experience Thor's Well?

The best way to experience Thor's Well is to observe it from a safe distance and admire its natural beauty.

How long does it typically take to visit Thor's Well?

Visiting Thor's Well can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on how long you wish to stay and explore the surrounding area.

Are there any restrictions or guidelines to follow when visiting Thor's Well?

Visitors should stay on designated trails and not venture too close to Thor's Well, as the surrounding cliffs can be slippery and unstable.